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Key Benifits and Features

  • Support TR069,NAT,DMZ,DNS features
  • Support Multiple ssid

    Support Multiple VLAN


    Support IPV6 ,PPPoE, DHCP and Static IP configuration for WAN Interface


    Support IP, MAC filtering, Firewall Functionality in routed mode


RicherLink RL801EW Router Overview

RL801EW terminal devices are designed for fulfilling FTTH and triple play service demand of fixed network operators or cable operators. The box is based on the mature EPON technology, which have high ratio of performance to price, and the technology of 802.11 n WiFi (2T2R), Layer 2/3. They are highly reliable and easy to maintain, with guaranteed QoS for different service. And It is fully compliant with technical regulations such as IEEE802.3ah and technical requirement of EPON Equipment (V2.1 and above version) from China Telecom.

Figure 1: RicherLink RL801EW  Router

 Description RL801EW equipment Interface

Port Type Function
PON port Connect PON port with internet by SC type, single mode optical fiber cable
LAN 1 port RJ45 Port connects to local internet, 1 GE port automatically
Reset button (RST) Press down reset button and keep 5 seconds to make the device restart and recover from the factory default Settings.
PWR (DC12 V) Connect with power adapter
Power turn on/off Power turn on/off

RL801EW LED statement

Indicators status Description
POWER Light on ONU power supply normally
Light off ONU no power supply
PON Light on ONU link active
Blink ONU manage to link
Light off ONU receiving power rate lower than optical receiver sensitivity
LOS Blink Device does not receive optical signals.
Light off Device has receivedoptical signal.
WIFI Light on WiFi turn on
Light off Device is power off or WiFi turn off
Blink WiFi turn on and with ongoing data transmission
INTERNET Light on Internet is effective.
Light off Internet is ineffective.
LAN Light on network port linked, but no data transmitting
Blink network port data pass
Light off ONU no power supply or internet cable unlink

 RL801EW specification and working environment

Parameter Nominal
Dimension 180mm×115mm×30mm(L×W×H)
Net weight 0.2kg
Typical power consumption <5W
Noise None
Cooling style Naturally cooling
Power supply 12V DC(By external AC/DC adapter)
Installation style Support PC, wall mount or put inside of information box.
Environment -5~50℃
Atmospheric pressure 70~106Kpa
MTBF 50,000hours
MTTR 30minutes
Parameter Nominal

RL801EW EPON Interface

Parameter Nominal
Connector style SC/PC
PON quantity 1
Fiber style Single mode
Wavelength TX:1310 +/-20nm
RX:1490 +/-10nm
PON interface standard IEEE802.3-2005 1000BASE-PX20+
PON interface receiving rate 1.244Gpbs
PON interface transmitting rate 1.244Gpbs
Output optical power Min: 0dBm        Max: +4dBm
Opticalreceiver sensitivity Precede -28dBm
The length of the optical link Max 20km

 RL801EW WIFI Specifications

Standard IEEE 802.11 b/g/n
WiFiparameter Frequency 2.4~2.4835GHz
Transmission speed 2.4GHz Frequency:
IEEE 802.11b :11/5.5/2/1M(Auto)
IEEE 802.11g:54/48/36/24/18/12/9/6(Auto)
IEEE 802.11n:270/243/216/162/108/81/54/27Mbps,up to 300Mbps
Channel number 2.4GHz :13
Spread-spectrum Technique DSSS(Direct sequence spread spectrum)
Sensitivity@PER(Package error rate) 270M:-68dBm@10% PER;130M: -68dBm@10% PER;108M:-68dBm@10% PER;54M:-68dBm@10% PER
11M:-85dBm@8% PER;6M:-88dBm@10% PER
1M:-90dBm@8% PER;
Transmission distance Indoor Maximum 120 meters;Outdoor Maximum 360 meters(The distance depends on the environment)
RF power 20dBm EIRP
Antenna 5dBi Antennas

WIFI GPON ONU Router Netwoking

Ordering Information

 Model  Product Description
RL801EW  GPON ONU 4GE+2POTS+11n 2*2 +11ac 2*2+USB, 4 x External Antennas 5DBI
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