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FTTH Solution

Meet the exploding demand for bandwidth and capacity.Consumers are pushing the boundaries of network performance. Lifestyles are increasingly digital—always online, everywhere. Service providers deal with this growing demand by deploying more fiber deeper into the network, ultimately bringing it to the customer premises or homes (FTTP/FTTH).


But how do you expand your broadband network while:

  • Increasing your speed of deployment
  • Reducing overall costs
  • Preserving quality and performance

Bringing fiber to residential and commercial buildings offers your customers the Wi-Fi, cloud connectivity and 4K video streams they crave. That’s why RicherLink provides flexible, scalable FTTH Solution backed by decades of experience, successful implementations and proven business results.


RicherLink’s FTTH Solution uses one optical fiber network to bear multiple services, providing high speed Internet (HSI), Wi-Fi, voice, video, and CATV services for home-connected users. This superior solution removes the bottleneck between homes and the backbone network to implement its ultra-broadband architecture and simple, flattened network structure, facilitating easy deployment and O&M.


We offer a full portfolio of solutions that deliver ultra-flexible, high-capacity, deep-fiber solutions. The FTTH Solution provide ultra-high service density and deployment flexibility allowing service providers to expand their addressable market and ensure that no customer is left behind. RicherLink is focused on providing market leading ONT portfolio options including indoor and outdoor versions of SFU, SBU, MDU by driving ONT interoperability with world class ONT vendors.



FTTH Solution

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