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MSM9031HG(E)-1 Mini EoC Master

Key Benifits and Features

  • HomePlug AV or IEEE P1901 Standards
  • 1 PON Module,2 EOC Module
  • 2 TV In and 2 Cable Out
  • 2GE Ethernet Ports
  • Multiple Management Options
  • Compatible with Main HomePlug AV Solution
  • Outdoor waterproof designed

RicherLink MSM9031HG(E)-1 Mini EoC Master

The RicherLink MSM9031HG(E)-1 is an Ethernet over Coax (EoC) Mini Master launched by RicherLink and used in passive optical network (PON)+EoC bidirectional network restructuring solutions (namely, mutual opening between telecom and broadcasting industries).The MSM9031HG(E)-1 Mini EoC Master uses the mainstream low-frequency HomePlug AV modulation technology. Integrating the functions of the optical network unit (ONU), EoC Master Module, and CATV Optical Receiver.

The MSM9031HG(E)-1 provides 1 GPON(ITU-T G.984 standard) or EPON(IEEE802.3ah) port for uplink port and supports one GE Port and two FE ETH port, one 100M ETH port connect to the EoC Master Module by providing a bidirectional transmission path for broadcast and television services, and and supports a maximum of 8 users; the MSM9031HG(E)-1 increases the access bandwidth of the broadcast and television services and provides quality Internet access, voice, IPTV, VoIP, and video monitoring services, meeting operators’ requirements for deploying multiple services.

Figure: RicherLink MSM9031HG(E)-1 Mini EoC Master

Mini EoC Master

Product Specification

 Physical specifications

  RF Parameters
 Wavelength  1310、1550nm
 AGC range  -2~-12dBm
Optical reflection loss   >45dB
Radio frequency range   87-1000MHz
Return loss  >14dB(87-1000MHz)
Flatness  ≦±2.5
Output level  75dBuV(-2~-12dBm)
Output impedance  75Ω
 Service Interface
 Cable Interface  2*CABLE(MIX)INPUT, metric F connector
 CATV Interface  2*TV(RF signal) OUTPUT, metric F connector
 Uplink Interface  2 GE
 PON Featuers
 PON Standard  ITU G.984-compliance(GPON) or IEEE802.3ah(EPON)
 Sensitivity  -27dBm
 Launch power  Min: 0dBm   Max: +5dBm
 Input Power Overload  -8dBm
 Transmission  US/DS: 1.25/2.5Gbps(GPON) or US/DS: 1.25/1.25Gbps(EPON)
 EOC Featuers
 EoC Standard  HomePlug AV or IEEE P1901(Draft)
 Frequency  7.5 MHz to 65 MHz
 Modulation modes  OFDM,1024/256/64/16QAM, QPSK, and BPSK
 Working Mode  CSMA/CA and TDMA
 Transmission  MAC layer rate: 300Mbit/s
Software and Management
 Network Management  WEB, TR069, SNMP
 PON Module  HGU Model, VLAN, QoS
EOC Module  Status,Listing,SNR, Attenuation
 Environmental conditions 
 Storage  Temperature -20 to 70°C, rel. humidity 10–90% (non-condensing)
 Operation  Temperature 0 to 45°C, rel. humidity 10–90% (non-condensing)
 Power Supply and Consumption
 Power Adaptor  Input: 100 to 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz; Output: 12 V, 1A
 Consumption  ≤10W
 Physical specifications
 Dimensions 180mm×120mm×31mm(L×W×H)
 Weight  0.36KG



PON and EoC for FTTH Solution

Ordering Information

 Model  Product Description
MSM9031HG(E)-1   3 in 1 Mini EoC Master, G(E)PON module, EoC Module, CATV OR Module, 1GE+2FE+1RF
 RL842GWV-DGB   GPON ONU 4GE+2POTS+11n 2*2 +11ac 2*2+USB, 4 x External Antennas 5DBI
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