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ANM8001 EoC Master

Key Benifits and Features

  • HomePlug AV or IEEE P1901 Standards
  • 1 Cable In and 1 TV Out
  • 2GE Ethernet Ports
  • Multiple Management Options
  • Compatible with Main HomePlug AV Solution

RicherLink ANM8001 Series EoC Master Overview

The ANM8001 Series is an Outdoor Ethernet over Coax (EoC) Master launched by RicherLink. The ANM8001 EoC Master has bulit in one EoC Module which is uses the mainstream low-frequency HomePlug AV modulation technology. it can support a maximum of 64 users. Integrating the functions of EoC Master Module, and mixer, the ANM8001 can support a bandwidth of 300 Mbit/s for a single channel and spport 1 or 2 TV in and 1 or 2 Cable out. By providing a bidirectional transmission path for broadcast and television services, the ANM8001 increases the access bandwidth of the broadcast and television services and provides quality Internet access, voice, IPTV, VoIP, and video monitoring services, meeting operators’ requirements for deploying multiple services.

ANM8001 has built in network management module, which support remote network management can enable you to log in ANM8001 with WEB/SNMP/TELNET. And you can use it for centralized management on the connected EoC terminals such as QoS setting, encryption setting, statistical and status information inquiry and software upgrade.

Figure 1: RicherLink ANM8001 EoC(Ethernet over Coax) Master


Ethernet over Coax

Product Specification

 Physical specifications

  RF Parameters
 Output Power  108±5dBuv
 Receive sensibility  45dBuv
 Frequency  7.5-65MHz
 Output impedance  75Ω
 Return loss:>15dB  >15dB
 Service Interface
 Cable Interface  1 or 2*CABLE(MIX)INPUT, metric F connector
 CATV Interface  1 or 2*TV(RF signal) OUTPUT, metric F connector
 Uplink Interface  2 GE
 EOC Featuers
 EoC Standard  HomePlug AV or IEEE P1901(Draft)
 Frequency  7.5 MHz to 65 MHz
 Modulation modes  OFDM,1024/256/64/16QAM, QPSK, and BPSK
 Working Mode  CSMA/CA and TDMA
 Transmission  MAC layer rate: 300Mbit/s
 Network Management  WEB, CLI, SNMP, NMS,
 Software Features  VLAN,QoS,IGMP Snooping, Bandwidth Control, Broadcast storm limitation
 Environmental conditions 
 Storage  temperature -40 to 70°C, rel. humidity 10–90% (non-condensing)
 Operation  temperature -25 to 65°C, rel. humidity 10–90% (non-condensing)
 Power Supply and Consumption
 Power Adaptor  220VAC/60VAC
 Consumption  ≤30W
 Physical specifications
 Dimensions  220×133×101mm(L×W×H)
 Weight  1.2KG



Ethernet over Coax Network Topology

Ordering Information

 Model  Product Description
 ANM8001  EOC Master 1 EOC Module, 1 TV In, 1 Cable Out, 2 GE Uplink. 
 ANM8001-S  EOC Master 1 EOC Module, 2 TV In, 2 Cable Out, 2 GE Uplink. 
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