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RicherLink officially launched the newly developed OLT GPON device

RicherLink officially launched the newly developed highly integrated OLT GPON device, the RL8008GL, which is based on new one rack unit (U) box-shaped OLTs that feature compact size and low density. This product solution further enriches fiber to the home (FTTH) solutions and product portfolios, helping operators speed deployment of FTTH networks.


Driven by home networks, network “cloudization,” and new services such as 4K and virtual reality (VR), fiber access has become an important measure for countries around the world to build broadband networks. An increasing number of operators have begun to use fiber access. With fiber access nodes continuously being moved downwards, OLTs are deployed closer to users. As deployment scenarios are varied and complex, operators urgently require smaller and lower-density OLTs to meet a range of requirements.


The RL8008GL OLT GPON provides 8 *Downsteam GPON ports, 4 * Uplink GE ETH ports, 2*Uplink GE SFP ports and  2* Uplink 10G SFP+ ports. Up to 1:128 Split ratio for up to 1024 GPON users. The 1U pizzabox design is for easy installation, Maintenance and Space saving. RL8008GL OLT GPON is suitable for Broadcast three in one, video surveillance network, enterprise LAN, Internet of Things, etc.


As broadband networks are the foundation for a smart society, RicherLink, as a world-leading FTTH network solution provider, is committed to providing innovative future-oriented solutions for operators over the long term. To date, RicherLink has provided FTTH access services for 4000000 home users worldwide. In the future, RicherLink will continue to work with global operators and industry partners to drive sustainable development of the FTTH industry and build a better-connected world.


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