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Differences between IPTV and OTT TV

IPTV introduction

IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) is an emerging media technology that integrates Internet, multimedia, and communication technologies and uses broadband networks as a medium to provide home users with a variety of interactive services, including digital TV. Due to the need to use the network, IPTV service providers often provide related services such as connecting to the Internet and IP telephony.

The main application of current IPTV technologies

(1) Live TV: Similar to digital TV live broadcast, users can also select different multicast channels for unified content in the electronic program list, watch the programs that users want to watch, and realize video on demand.

(2) TV Internet access: Use the wireless button on the set-top box or the remote control to enjoy the corresponding Internet service on the TV set, to achieve the common Internet access needs, and provide basic information network functions.

(3)Internet games: The Internet game service mainly connects the server to the client. After the user installs the client software and paying a certain fee and logging in at the server, the Internet game service can be used.

(4)Distance education: Using the on-demand function of IPTV to realize the distance learning of the course, the courseware can be ordered according to individual needs. This kind of streaming-based video on-demand remote teaching is very convenient.

OTT TV introduction

OTT (Over The Top) refers to providing various application services to users through the Internet, emphasizing the independence of services from physical networks. This kind of application is different from the communication service provided by the current operator. It only uses the operator’s network, and the service is provided by a third party other than the operator. At present, the typical OTT business has Internet TV business, Apple App Store and so on.

OTT TV refers to the open Internet-based video service. The terminal is an OTT set-top box + display, TV, computer, set-top box, PAD, smart phone, etc. Some TVs have built-in OTT set-top boxes. Internationally, OTT TV refers to the convergence of IP video and Internet applications for television transmission over the public Internet. The receiving terminal is an Internet TV integrated machine or a set top box + a television set.


The difference between IPTV and OTT TV

(1) In terms of service operators: operators of IPTV services are responsible for telecom operators, while OTT TV services are provided by seven Internet integration platform licensees.

(2) In terms of content providers: IPTV is mainly the content of licensees, and OTT TV has the contents of video websites (provided copyright) and other methods besides licensees.

(3) In terms of network transmission: IPTV tends to IP metropolitan area network and backbone network, while OTT TV takes the Internet Internet.

(4) In terms of screen terminals: IPTV is more inclined to TV or set-top box + TV screen, while OTT TV is not limited to TV, but also can be used for mobile terminals of Pad, Android and IOS systems, and can realize multi-screen interactive mode.


IPTV and OTT TV box


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