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EPON+EOC technology triple play solution

1. EPON+EOC Overview

EPON+EOC technology is an emerging technology that utilizes the existing HFC network and uses the same fiber to transmit and use different wavelengths for uplink and downlink transmission.

2. EPON+EOC features

(1) High bandwidth, the bandwidth of the MAC layer of the EoC chip has been increased to 500 Mbps, and the bandwidth of the physical layer is 1 Gbps;
(2) Dynamic broadband allocation, which can improve uplink broadband utilization through dynamic broadband allocation, which is very suitable for tree-to-point network structure;
(3) EoC line fault automatic diagnosis, this function greatly reduces the workload of manual troubleshooting;
(4) EPON+EoC central office device physical form fusion, network side interface NNI supports PON interface, user side interface UNI supports EoC interface, organic fusion two technologies, thereby simplifying network level and device management, satisfying triple play Construction needs.
(5) EPON+EoC management and operation and maintenance integration, EPON+EoC fusion system will integrate management and operation and maintenance, and unify the network management platform;
(6) Unified transmission of multiple services, EPON+EoC system supports unified access of data, video and voice services.

3. Three-network integration design based on EPON+EoC technology

Take a community as an example, there are 8 buildings, each with 6 floors, 2 households per floor, 3 of which have 6 units, 3 have 5 units, 2 have 4 units, total 3*6*6* 2+3*5*6*2+2*4*6*2=492 households. There are 5 units and the following buildings. Each building is designed with one ONU and 6 units. Each building has 2 ONUs, so the total number of ONUs is 3+2+3*2=11.

Since the EPON downlink bandwidth is 1.25 Gbps, in theory each ONU can be divided into 1250/11 = 113 Mbps bandwidth. Residents of 6 units can get 113*2/(6*6*2)=3.1Mbp, households with 5 units can get 113/5*6*2=1.8Mbp, and 4 units can get 113/4* 6*2=2.3Mbp.

The uplink transmission bandwidth required for video on demand is not more than 50 Kbp/s, and the uplink and downlink bandwidth required for video and voice are 512 Kbp/s and 64 Kbp/s, respectively. The broadband bandwidth of 2Mbp/s can meet the needs of most users in a certain period of time. The cable TV signal is transmitted on 111-860 MHz. This design uses EPON’s FTTB fiber-to-the-building approach. We use Active EOC Home plug AV technology at the last 100 meters from the user.

(1) EPON design

with OLT as the central exchange, with 3 EPON interface boards, a total of 6 PON ports, voice access to the OLT through the 4*E1 circuit, and the Internet access to the OLT through the GE interface. The OLT uplinks the BRAS of the IP metropolitan area network through the GE interface. There are 1 ONU in 4 and 5 unit buildings, each ONU is designed according to 64 ports, 6 unit buildings have 2 ONUs, and each ONU is designed according to 36 ports, totaling 2*64+3*64+ 3*2*36=512 ports.

(2) EOC design

The EOC design uses Home plug AV technology,  and its physical layer uses forward error correction, channel estimation and OFDM modulation.

Home Plug AV uses 917 subcarriers in the band 2-28MHz; the power spectral density is programmable, and each subcarrier can be separately modulated by BPSK, QPSK, 8QAM, 16QAM, 64QAM, 256QAM and 1024QAM; Turbo FEC error check is used; physical layer The rate can reach 200Mbps and the payload reaches 150Mbps.

The MAC layer uses TDMA access with Qo S and CSMA access, using ARQ (Rapid Automatic Repeat Request). TDMA is connection-oriented, providing QoS guarantees for bandwidth, reliability, and latency jitter control. CSMA is a priority and provides four levels of priority to ensure plug and play. Each EOC end office data module is designed to support up to 64 online users, one EOC terminal per household, and supports interactive on-demand, broadband and cable TV.

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