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The world’s first 5G mobile network, speed can reach up to 125MB/s

AT&T Mobile 5G Network

From the instructions given by the operator AT&T, they are building a 5G mobile network with a network speed of up to 125MB/s and delay can be controlled within 1 millisecond.


5G mobile network


According to the reports, AT&T, the largest operator in the United States,is now preparing for the world’s first mobile 5G network launched at the end of the year. According to AT&T’s latest progress, they will begin intensive testing in the 39GHz spectrum to prepare for future coverage of the region (to get more high-speed and low-latency data for 5G NR).In order to ensure long-term, stable and continuous testing, they will also join in the fixed 3GPP compatible units in Atlanta and Hawaii.

AT&T has announced that by the end of 2018 (before December 31), it will first commercialize 5G networks in 12 US cities.In 2019, this range will be expanded to 19 cities, and in 2020, at least 200 million users in the United States will be able to experience the 5G network.


5G mobile network tariff

For the 5G mobile network tariffs, it may be the user’s biggest concern, but the high cost of commercial front-end is inevitable, AT&T said, it will bring users a more affordable 5G tariff.

It is reported that AT&T’s 5G mobile network service launched at the end of this year will be launched in the form of a contract machine. As for the specific charges, members will charge more than $50 a month.However, it is generally believed that the final price will be higher than 50 US dollars, because the cost of building a 5G network by US carriers is very high, especially the terminal providers such as Huawei are excluded.


RicherLink’s actions

As a network communication equipment service provider, RicherLink is also actively developing 5G mobile network technology, which is ready for customers to use new 5G network equipment earlier.

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