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As user services develop from TV and data services to comprehensive video, voice, ultra-fast data,and mobile services, MSOs using cable resources as the main access resources are facing with critical challenges. comprehensive services intensify the competition in the industry, accelerating the triple-play progress, Some MSOs cooperate with OTTs to provide IP-based video services. Some MSOs are acquired by conventional telecommunications operators.As a result, an IP-based network architecture converged with the telecommunications network is required and end users need improve the access bandwidth. MSOs and operators seek to perform reconstruction based on existing site conditions and upgrade sites in a cost-effective and efficient manner.

3 key factors contributing to the cable network upgrade are as follows:

1)Access bandwidth improvement

2)IP-based network convergence.

3)cost-effective and efficient site reconstruction


RicherLink offers a full portfolio of solutions that deliver ultra-flexible, high-capacity, deep-fiber solutions. The PON + IPTV/OTT solutions provide ultra-high service density and deployment flexibility allowing service providers to expand their addressable market and ensure that no customer is left behind. RicherLink is focused on providing market and leading in this field.


IPTV Solution

RicherLink’s PON + IPTV/OTT consider smooth evolution to the all-IP network, to meet the high bandwidth, low latency, and low jitter requirements for 4k video content,multi-screen interaction, online game, VoD, bullet screen…




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