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Difference between OLT,ONU,Router and Switch

OLT ONU,Router and Switche as optical network transmission equipment, the difference between them has been widely concerned,Today Richerlink will explain in detail.


1.OLT and ONU

First, the OLT is an optical line terminal, and the ONU is an optical network unit (ONU), which are all optical transmission network connection devices. It is a must-have module in PON: PON (Passive Optical Network). PON (passive optical network) means that (optical wiring network) does not contain any electronic devices and electronic power supplies. The ODNs are all composed of passive components such as splitters, and do not require expensive active electronic devices. A passive optical network includes an optical line terminal (OLT) installed at a central control station, and a group of supporting optical network units (ONUs) installed at the user’s premises. The Optical Distribution Network (ODN) between the OLT ONU contains optical fibers as well as passive optical splitters or couplers.




2.Router and Switch

A router is a device that connects to various local area networks and wide area networks in the Internet. It automatically selects and sets routes according to the channel conditions, and sends signals in the optimal path in order. The router is the hub of the Internet, “traffic police.” At present, routers have been widely used in various industries, and various grades of products have become the main force for realizing internal connections of various backbone networks, interconnecting backbone networks, and backbone network and Internet interconnection services.

The main difference between a route and a switch is that the switch occurs at the second layer (data link layer) of the OSI reference model, and the route occurs at the third layer, the network layer. This difference determines that routing and switches need to use different control information in the process of moving information, so the way they implement their respective functions is different.




A router, also known as a gateway, is used to connect multiple logically separate networks. A logical network is a single network or a subnet. When data is transferred from one subnet to another, it can be done through the routing function of the router. Therefore, the router has the function of judging the network address and selecting the IP path. It can establish a flexible connection in a multi-network interconnection environment, and can connect various subnets by completely different data packets and media access methods, and the router only accepts the source station or The information of other routers is an interconnected device at the network layer.

These are the differences between OLT ONU,Router and Switch,do you understand it?


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