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RicherLink wishes you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival

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The most beautiful season of the year is coming soon! China’s ancient book “Spring and Autumn Fanlu · Yin and Yang into the upper and lower articles” said: “Autumn, yin and yang are also half, so the night and night are cold and flat.” The “minute” of the autumn is the meaning of “half”, unconsciously already half autumn.


The Mid-Autumn Festival is a traditional cultural festival popular among many ethnic groups in China and the Chinese cultural circles. The time is Lunar August 15.


GPON OLT Manufactures

           Though thousands of miles away, we can help you get reunion.

                RicherLink, Link you and your family


Nowadays, people are getting more and more busy. Many people can’t go home and reunite with their families during the Mid-Autumn Festival. For this reason, RicherLink (As a GPON OLT Manufactures)has carefully prepared communication network products such as PON OLT, PON ONU, IPTV, etc. With these products, even A thousand miles away, you can also link with your family.RicherLink is a GPON OLT Manufactures with 10 years of experience. Is the best choice for GPON OLT Manufactures.


Finally, all the Richerlink staff wish you all a happy Mid-Autumn Festival!


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