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Zigbee Smart Home Solution

Zigbee Technology

Zigbee is the only global, standards-based wireless solution that can conveniently and affordably control the widest range of devices to improve comfort, security and convenience for consumers. It is the technology of choice for world-leading service providers, installers and retailers who bring the benefits of the Internet of Things into the Smart Home.
Zigbee is the language for a wide variety of smart home devices so companies can deliver an integrated ecosystem of home monitoring, energy management, heating and cooling, security and convenience devices.

RicherLink Smart Home Solution

RicherLink Smart Home Solution


Convenient unlocking

When the home meets intelligence, from the moment that people enter the door, the door to smart life opens. Smart home provides a variety of unlocking methods, giving the door lock vitality, adding fun to family life, and brining convenience. From then on, the accident that we forget to bring keys and guests pay a visit to us will no longer bother.

Safety improvement
Smart life, safe life. Are you still worried about the safety of your family when no one is at home? People are not there, but smart home is there. There is no need for us to worry about family safety. Once abnormal condition occurs in the home, the mobile terminal such as smartphones will receive the alarm information at the first time, so that we can take countermeasures to deal with it in time.

One-click scene
Lights, curtains, televisions, air conditioners… There are many devices in the home, and often they need to work or close at the same time. If switch is used one by one, the efficiency is very low, even troublesome. One-click scene can solve your troubles perfectly. Just click on the mobile phone APP, or touch the smart switch with your finger, you can control many electrical appliances at the same time, which is efficient and fast.


Anti-fire, waterproof, safe and energy-saving
In order to ensure the safety of kitchen and reduce waste of resources, intelligent technology is adopted to detect the concentration of flammable gas, smoke and water leakage in real time, and to carry out linkage control management in time.

Sound, color, beauty
In the kitchen, there are certain intelligent entertainment devices, beautiful music, flowing in a colorful atmosphere, which makes preparing food enjoyable.

Living room

The living room is an important place for home life, and intelligent upgrading can enhance its quality. Through the smart home, the living room is no longer just a living room, but can freely change a variety of modes with the functions of “meeting guests”, “cinema”, “music”, and so on. Let us use smart phones to control the lights, curtains, air conditioners, audio and video equipment at will.

Dimming switch
Light and shade can be adjusted directly through the light switch button, and the lighting and shade effect can also be controlled by remote wireless control so that energy and resources can be saved.

Wall switch
Remote wireless operation and control of the light switch make it possible not to contact with the wall switch, and make it easy to use and to install.


Through environmental monitoring system, “universal remote control” and lighting adjustment system, we can create a healthy, comfortable and efficient rest environment for bedrooms and improve the quality of sleep. Automatically we can open the curtains in the morning, adjust the indoor temperature at noon, control the TV by mobile phone at night, turn off the equipment by one button at night, and sleep with wonderful music.

Study Room

As a space for reading, writing, amateur study, research and work, the study is not only an extension of the office, but also a part of family life. In order to improve the quality of life and learning, smart home will create a scientific and reasonable study environment for us through intelligent linkage management and regulation of environment, lighting, electrical appliances and so on.


The bathroom is a space for bathing, allowing people to wash fatigue away and relax. Nowadays we need a safe and comfortable modern bathroom for fast-paced life. How to create a better bathroom? How can we boil the water before we get home from work? The seemingly impossible task has become a reality with the advent of smart home.


Family outdoor space is the private leisure and entertainment area of the family, which needs a certain degree of security and intelligent management. Through this smart home scheme, users can view the dynamics of outdoor private space anytime and anywhere, effectively ensure the overall safety of the family, and support users to use remote control function to realize the care and management of family vegetation.

RicherLink Smart Home APP

RicherLink Smart Home APP

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