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New chassis OLT device-Optical Line Terminal equipment manufacturers

What is Optical Line Terminal equipment ?

The Optical Line Terminal equipment is an important central office device. It can be connected to the front-end (aggregation layer) switch by a network cable, and converted into an optical signal. The single optical fiber is interconnected with the optical splitter at the user end. The control and management of the ONU of the user equipment is implemented. Ranging; and like the ONU device, it is a photoelectric integrated device.


OLT functions

In the PON (Passive Optical Network) technology(EPON and GPON) application, the OLT equipment is an important central office device, and its functions are:

1. Connect to the front-end (aggregation layer) switch with a network cable, convert it into an optical signal, and interconnect it with a splitter at the user end with a single fiber.

2. Realize the functions of control, management and ranging of the ONU of the user equipment.

3. Like an ONU device, an OLT equipment is also an optoelectronic device.

The OLT Optical Line Terminal equipment mainly completes the uplink access of the PON network (mainly divided into GPON and EPON networks) and connects to the ONU device through the ODN network (composed of optical fiber and passive optical splitter) through the PON port. Generally, the entire PON is composed of 1:32 or 1:64. The internet. Generally, the PON port is connected to the ODN network through a single optical fiber, and the optical splitter performs 1:n (n=2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc.), and the ONU downlink adopts a broadcast mode, and the ONU device selectively receives. The uplink uses the sharing method. The development of PON technology has experienced the process of APON/BPON, EPON and GPON, and is evolving towards 10G PON and WDM PON. Due to flexible deployment and gradually reduced cost, PON technology has been widely adopted and has become the main method of fixed broadband access.


Optical Line Terminal equipment manufacturers

Richerlink is a leading supplier and manufacturer of OLT equipment. We are the best supplier of optical communication equipment, providing the best FTTH solutions for broadcast operators and small and medium-sized telecommunications companies. Its OLT product line includes GPON OLT, EPON OLT and recently developed Chassis OLT (pictured below):


5U Optical Line Terminal equipment

RicherLink 5U OLT equipment


10U Optical Line Terminal equipment

RicherLink 10U OLT equipment

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