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RicherLink launches new Mini EoC Master

With the rapid development of broadband network technology, this trend has become an indispensable part of people’s life. In order to provide better and more affordable network broadband equipment for home users, RicherLink (EoC Master Manufacturer) has developed the latest MSM9031HG(E)-1 Mini EoC Master

Advantages of MSM9031HG(E)-1 Mini EoC Master


1.High integration

MSM9031HG(E)-1 product integrating the functions of the ONU, EoC, and CATV OR in the industry, reducing network elements and IP resources and facilitating management, operation, and maintenance.


2.Modular EoC configuration

The MSM9031HG(E)-1 supports one EoC module and supports a maximum of 8 users.


3. Industry-leading EoC modulation technology

The MSM9031HG(E)-1 uses the mainstream low-frequency HomePlug AV modulation technology, supports VoD, meeting EoC requirements of multiservice operators (MSOs).


4. Strong compatibility with terminals

The MSM9031HG(E)-1 is compatible with EoC terminals that use Qualcomm and Mstar chips.


5. Universal PON+EoC network management

The MSM9031HG(E)-1 supports ONU and EoC as a single network element, and its service provision can be finished one time.

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Network topology of MSM9031HG(E)-1 Mini EoC Master


Network topology EoC Master Manufacturer

The more information about MSM9031HG(E)-1 Mini EoC Master :/product/mini-eoc-master/

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