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LoRa Smart Apartment Solution

LoRa Technology Description

LoRa Technology’s low power qualities and ability to penetrate dense building materials make it an ideal platform for IoT-connected smart hotels. In addition, the long range capabilities make it possible for LoRa-enabled sensors to track assets that stray from hotels. Sensors in smart hotels can detect danger, optimize utility usage and more to improve the safety and convenience of everyday living.
RicherLink use various kinds of low-power wide area network(LPWAN) technologies to provide simpler and safer access to data. we hope to assist our customers in tailoring their own IoT systems according to their different environments and needs.


RicherLink Smart Apartment Solution


Solving the Problems of Traditional Apartments

1. High cost: high operating cost, high labor cost, high energy consumption cost and high communication cost.

2. Low efficiency: low efficiency of signing contracts, low efficiency of taking a look, low efficiency of getting customers, low efficiency of charging fees, low efficiency of service and low efficiency of occupancy.

3. High risk: high risk of flying house, high risk of bad tenants, high risk of stealing electricity, high risk of financial management, high risk of malicious arrears, high risk of product installation.

4. Brand competitiveness is small: apartments are not product-oriented, services are not standardized, management means are too primitive, management is not process-oriented, smart equipment and management systems are split, no efficiency.


Procedures for Living in Smart Apartment

Procedures for RicherLink Smart Apartment

1.Available Room: The landlord publishes the source of the house, and the tenant searches for the source of the house.

2.House Hunting: temporary password, self-service room.

3.Reservation: real-name authentication, online signing.

4.Check-in: Micro program unlock, multi-level permission allocation.

5.Payments: self-service charge, generate menu.

6.Check-out: online rental, right recovery.


Smart Apartment Rent and Management

Smart Apartment Management System
Rent period can be controlled, on-line contract can be signed and renting refund can be withdrawn and real-time information of renters flow can be grasped. On-line booking and house-watching without manual guidance can remote control the door lock switch; authorized users can open the access door to each unit, users can allocate the authority; and there is on-line record query and anti-prying real-time alarm to protect the safety of the household.

1. Keeping abreast of occupancy and vacancy rates.
2. There is no paper contract, but online real-name certification, online contract cancellation.
3. The information of tenant mobility is obtained to ensure tenants’ safety.


Smart Apartment
Integrative wireless connection of door lock, electricity meter and water meter, online payment of hydropower and rent fees; system supervision of the collection of rent and Hydropower fees; if the fees are in arrears, the system controls automatic power outage to facilitate rent promotion, which can let the administrator free themselves from simple and repetitive work.

1. People can get rid of manual meter reading and intelligently manage water and electricity bills.
2. It is convenient to collect rent.
3. The flow of bills is clear at a glance.


Smart Apartment Accessory Products


Smart Apartment Door Lock                  Smart Apartment Meters                  Smart Apartment Meter


Smart Door Lock: The intelligent door lock is provided with LoRa’s new generation of low-power wireless digital module, and 433Mhz wireless communication is used between CAT01 intelligent lock and gateway. Strong technical support makes the leading tiger stand out among many intelligent door lock brands.

Smart Meters: wireless smart meters, accurate electricity metering, ultra-low power consumption, interaction with gateway, wireless connection, real-time query of small programs, online payment.

Smart Water Meter: wireless smart water meter, accurate water metering, interaction with the gateway, wireless connection, small program real-time query, online payment.


Smart Apartment Data Flow Diagram

RicherLink LoRa Smart Apartment Solution


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