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What is Zigbee? Introduction to Zigbee Technology

What is Zigbee ?

Zigbee is a low-cost, low-power, wireless mesh network standard targeted at battery-powered devices in wireless control and monitoring applications. Zigbee delivers low-latency communication. Zigbee chips are typically integrated with radios and with microcontrollers. Zigbee operates in the industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) radio bands: 2.4 GHz in most jurisdictions worldwide; though some devices also use 784 MHz in China, 868 MHz in Europe and 915 MHz in the USA and Australia, however even those regions and countries still use 2.4 GHz for most commercial Zigbee devices for home use. Data rates vary from 20 kbit/s (868 MHz band) to 250 kbit/s (2.4 GHz band).

Zigbee builds on the physical layer and media access control defined in IEEE standard 802.15.4 for low-rate wireless personal area networks (WPANs). The specification includes four additional key components: network layer, application layer, Zigbee Device Objects (ZDOs) and manufacturer-defined application objects. ZDOs are responsible for some tasks, including keeping track of device roles, managing requests to join a network, as well as device discovery and security.

Zigbee is the only global, standards-based wireless solution that can conveniently and affordably control the widest range of devices to improve comfort, security and convenience for consumers. It is the technology of choice for world-leading service providers, installers and retailers who bring the benefits of the Internet of Things into the Smart Home.


Why Zigbee ?

Zigbee Improves Comfort
Zigbee works for you. Testing your temperature, controlling your lights, even opening your drapes; keeping your home the way you like it.

Zigbee Keeps You Secure
Zigbee watches your home when you can’t, alerting you to intruders, smoke, carbon monoxide, even water leaks. Protecting the things -and people- you care about.

Zigbee is Convenient
Zigbee is easy-to-use and extends your control. Control your home from the comfort of your couch or from the other side of the world.

Zigbee is Reliable
Zigbee harnesses the power of the mesh to connect every product to every other product. So if one of your products fails, the others will continue to communicate without interruption.

Zigbee is Interoperable
Zigbee standardizes everything from basic communication to how a product operates. Products with the Zigbee logo work together seamlessly, even if they’re from different companies.

Zigbee is Low-Power
Zigbee allows devices to last for years on a single battery. With the Green Power Feature, you don’t even need any batteries.


 Content WIFI  Zigbee Bluetooth
 Transmission distance  100-300M  50-300M  10-100M
 Transmission rate  300Mbps  250kbps  1Mbps
 Power dissipation  10-50mA  5mA  Between Zigbee and WIFI
 Feature  The most widely used  It can be self-organizing, and the number of network nodes can be up to 65,000

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