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The development trend of China’s Internet industry in 2019

A Summary of the Development of China’s Internet Industry in 2018

The China Internet Society released “Overview of China’s Internet Industry Development in 2018 and Development Trends in 2019.” The report pointed out that in 2018 China’s Internet industry showed five major developments:

1. Infrastructure construction consolidates the foundation of Internet development;

2. The transformation of scientific and technological achievements boosts industrial upgrading;

3. Industrial digitalization shapes a new form of Internet economy;

4. Information technology integration benefits public services;

5. Comprehensive management guarantees the healthy and orderly development of cyberspace.

China's Internet industry development

The development trend of China’s Internet industry in 2019

The report predicts that there are four aspects worth of attention in the development of China’s Internet industry in 2019:

1. In the new technology to support new applications, artificial intelligence is expected to be able to empower all walks of life, 5G commercial deployment in an orderly manner, edge computing is expected to achieve edge cloud collaboration, blockchain application innovation is increasingly active.

2. In the new kinetic energy to build a new ecology, the industrial Internet will help high-quality development, the enterprise cloud will promote the digital transformation of traditional industries, and the mobile Internet market will present new features of structural changes.

3. In the new scene customization new experience, smart home is expected to bond the family’s overall smart application, the new unmanned service facilities will be implemented one after another, 5G network-linked automatic driving will become a new trend of unmanned driving.

4. In the new situation ushered in new challenges, the core technology that can be controlled independently will enhance the construction of the network security protection system, and the legislative plan for personal information protection will be put on the agenda. Clear data validation will become an important condition for effective data circulation.

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