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10U Chassis OLT

Key Benifits and Features


  • Operator-level reliability
  • Advanced System Architecture
  • Hot plugging
  • Hardware redundancy
  • High capacity and high performance
  • Powerful value-added service functions
  • Perfect business control functions
  • Unified network management functions

RicherLink AX8610 10U Chassis OLT Overview

AX8610 10U Chassis OLT series products are the new generation of large GPON/EPON OLT equipment for convergent business. The equipment adopts distributed system architecture and advanced Crossbar switching matrix technology.

AX8610 Chassis OLT Maximum support 240 GPON/EPON port,Supporting two master boards,Maximum support two uplink card,There are 8 10Gbps uplink ports per uplink card. Supporting power redundancy is a high-capacity, high-density rack GPON/EPON OLT product to meet the deployment needs of users in a variety of scenarios.

Figure 1: RicherLink AX8610 10U Chassis OLT


GEPON 10U Chassis OLT


Product Specification

 Network interface
 Expansion Slots  2 master control slots
 1-2 10Gbps uplink card slots
 14-15 Business slots
 2 Power module slots
 Backplane capacity  2.8T
 Switching capacity  480Gbps
 Packet forwarding rate  1.67Gpps
 10G Ports  16
 Gigabit Ports  16
 EPON Ports  240
 10G EPON Ports  48
 GPON Ports  240
 Hardware parameters
  CPU  RISC 1.0 GHz,Dual core
  Flash  64MB
 Memory  Standard 2GB,Scalable to 4GB
 MAC Table  128K
 IP router table  IPV4:16K , IPV6:8K
 EPON characteristics
 Wavelength  Down:1490nm ,Up:1310nm
 Rate  Upper and downward symmetry :1000Mbps
 launch power  +2dbm ~ +7dbm
 Receiving sensitivity  -30dBm
 Max. splitting ratio  1:64
 Asymmetric 10GEPON characteristics
 Wavelength  Down:1577nm,Up:1310nm
 Rate  Down :10G,Up: 1.25G
 launch power  +2dbm ~ +7dbm
 Receiving sensitivity  -30dBm
 Max. splitting ratio  1:128
 Symmetric 10GEPON characteristics
 Wavelength  Down:1577nm,Up:1270nm
 Rate  Down:10G,Up:10G
 launch power  +2dbm ~ +7dbm
 Receiving sensitivity  -30dBm
 Max. splitting ratio  1:128
 IEEE 802.3ah EPON
 IEEE802.3av 10GEPON
 China Telecom EPON Interoperability Standard can be interconnected with ONU of mainstream manufacturers in the industry
 China telecom EPON CTC2.1/3.0 standard
 ITU-TG.984.x standard
 EPON Features
 Standard OAM and extended OAM management functions
 Uplink and downlink encryption function
 Maximum 128 ONUs registered simultaneously
 ONU software single batch upgrade
 DBA dynamic bandwidth allocation function
 ONU Authentication, illegal ONU registration event reporting
 GPON Features
 Tcont DBA
 Gemport traffic
 Support data encryption
 Support ONU auto-find/link detection/remote upgrade of software
 Support ONU Multiple Authorization: Loid, LOID+Password, SN, etc
 Physical specifications
 Power specification  100-240VAC/48V
 Power Redundancy: 1+1 Backup, Hot Plug
 Full power consumption:1400W
 Environmental specifications  Operating temperature:0℃~ 55℃
Operating humidity:10% ~ 90% (No condensation)
 Storage temperature:-40℃ ~ 70℃
Storage humidity:5%~95%, (No condensation)
 Size   483*270*444 (long * Deep * high)mm

 Key Feature Support on 10U Chassis OLT

 Ethernet switching (L2) features
 Spanning Tree  802.1D(STP)、802.1w(RSTP)、802.1s(MSTP)
 IGMP function  IGMP、IGMP Snooping、IGMP Proxy
 QoS  Each port has 8 queues, supporting 802.1P, ToS, application port number, Differ Serv, WRR, SP, SP+WRR, traffic shaping, traffic classification based on standard, extension, VLAN ACL, etc.
 ACL Support standard and extended ACL, support IP ACL, support data filtering based on source/destination IP, three-tier IP protocol number, TCP/UDP port number, IP priority, ToS.
 MAC Support port MAC binding, MAC filtering, MAC maximum learning limit
 VLAN  Port-based 802.1Q protocol, VLAN Stacking (QinQ)
 DHCP  Support Client、Relay、Server;DHCP snooping
Port aggregation  Support 802.3ad(LACP)and load balancing
User Access Authentication  802.1x
Port Mirroring  Support
Broadcast Storm Control  Support
Security function  Support master/standby switching and hot plug-in
 Ethernet switching (L3) features
 Routing protocol  Static routing,RIPv1/2、OSPF
 Network management
 Management interface  CLI
 Console  RS-232
 Telnet  Support
 SNMP  v1、v2、v3
 SysLog  Support
 MIB interface  Support

Typical networking application scenarios of this product include FTTH networking application (including single-fiber three-wave scenario), FTTB networking application and PON+EoC application.


chassis olt networking application


Ordering Information

 Type   Model  Product Description  Recommended configuration
 Frame  AX8610  AX8610 OLT (standard fan plate, up to 2 power supply, 20 expansion slots, including 1-2 slots inserted in the main control board, 1-2 up-link slots, 2 power supply slots, 14-15 business slots)  240GPON/EPON Standard  configuration
 Control Board  AXMS10  Applicable to AX8610, with console, Outband management port, USB port  240GPON/EPON Standard  configuration
 EPON Line card  AXEP16  EPON Interface business board, 16 Gigabit EPON Cards, (excluding modules)
Applicable to AX8610, AX8605, AX8602
 32/96/240 EPON Standard configuration
 10G EPON  8-port 10GEPON business board, (excluding modules)
Applicable to AX8610, AX8605, AX8602
 Optional configuration
 GPON Line card  AXGP16  16-port GPON business board, (excluding modules)
Applicable to AX8610, AX8605, AX8602
 32/96/240GPON Standard configuration
 Uplink Board  AXST08  8-port 10G/1Gigabit ethernet uplink board with switch chip, (excluding modules) Applicable to AX8610,AX8605,AX8602  32/96/240GPON/EPON Standard configuration
 AXXT08 8-port 10G/1Gigabit ethernet uplink board, (excluding modules)
Applicable to AX8610,AX8605,AX8602
 Optional configuration
 Power module  AXPW10  Power module(including 220 to 48VDC module),
Applicable to AX8610,AX8605
 96/240GPON&EPON  Standard configuration


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