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China Mobile surpassed Telecom and got the No.1 Cable Broadband Network


China Mobile today announced the results of the first three quarters of 2018.In addition to the net profit of 95 billion yuan (more than 320 million yuan per day), another data is more worthy of attention, that is, fixed-line cable broadband, China Mobile has finally surpassed China Telecom.


Coupled with the dominance of the mobile business, mobile has become the super giant in the domestic communications industry.


By the end of September 2018, the number of China Mobile’s cable broadband subscribers reached 146.8 million, a record increase of 4.951 million in the month, setting a monthly historical record, and this year has accumulated a net increase of 34.132 million.


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In contrast, China Telecom’s cable broadband subscribers are currently 142.7 million, an increase of only 810,000 last month, and this year only increased by 9.71 million, only about one-fifth of the mobile.


In fact, in August, mobile cable broadband users were only 22,000 fewer than Telecom.



With its strong market position and market promotion, mobile cable broadband has grown rapidly in recent years. As early as October 2016, it opened Unicom and then went straight to telecommunications. Now it has finally completed its transcendence.


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