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China Telecom 5G unveiled at the 5th World Internet Conference

1.The 5th World Internet Conference

On November 7, the 5th World Internet Conference opened in Wuzhen.The theme of this conference is “Creating a digital world of mutual trust and common governance – building a community of cyberspace destiny.” At the opening ceremony, many Internet giants came to power to talk about the future development of the Internet. The 5G era and data and artificial intelligence are still hot spots.

China Telecom 5G at WIC



2.China Telecom 5G unveiled at the 5th World Internet Conference

On Wuzhen ZiYe Road, China Telecom Zhejiang Company started the construction of 5G test network on Ziyue Road, and built and opened several 5G base stations. The China Telecom 5G downlink peak rate is measured at 2.4Gbps, which is more than 15 times that of the 4G rate. It takes only 6.7 seconds to download a 2G HD movie, so it can support multi-channel live broadcast with a resolution of up to 8K, which is clearer than the 4K effect.

At the WIC, China Telecom 5G HD live broadcast, 5G city model, 5G speed measurement, cloud rendering, 5G remote control excavator and guessing robot attracted the audience to experience. Based on artificial intelligence, edge computing, vision technology, sensor technology and other basic technologies, 5G will truly open a new era of intelligence.

In September this year, China Telecom launched the “Hello 5G Action Plan” and proposed the “four-point proposal” to build a 5G smart ecosystem, including jointly promoting the maturity of the 5G standard, jointly building a 5G intelligent network, jointly innovating 5G application models, and jointly prospering the 5G terminal industry. In 2018, China Telecom will expand the 5G trial scale to 17 cities and strive to achieve 5G commercial scale by 2020.

3.China Telecom’s partner RicherLink

As a partner of China Telecom and an experienced network product provider, RicherLink is also actively upgrading its products to provide customers with the best products and services.

China Telecom 5G Network products

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