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Richer Link Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise located in Shenzhen,China.The company provides customers with triple play business broadband access to the overall solution and help operators to provide their customers based on intelligent home gateway value-added services such as smart home,the overall network solutions,including the corresponding product development and manufacturing. The company mainly for the rest of world’s cable operators,communications operators and broadband service providers to provide services for its implementation and deployment of PON fiber to the home, PON+EOC coaxial home, LAN+EOC coaxial home the other products, To help customers quickly achieve low-cost broadband network access, but also to provide customers with many intelligent terminal-based value-added services,including the establishment of cloud services, advertising push,intelligent monitoring and a series of value-added services.




The company has a strong R&D and support team,developed a variety of independent intellectual property rights of network transmission and data communications equipment,we have experienced,fast response to the engineering commissioning and maintenance team,to deal with different customers in time rapid networking,commissioning and testing and practical problems encountered in the operation. The company will regularly provide users with strong technical support documentation and business knowledge training. Thanks to the joint efforts of the company,the company has won the recognition of many operators and agents at home and abroad and has established a good cooperative partnership with them.So far a full range of products have been exported to more than 50 countries around the world,stable operation.


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